Saturday, September 13, 2008

Minitek friday - shutdown and overbooked

Learn to crawl before you try to walk! So we all went to the Friday party for the first night of Minitek, the long awaited techno party that was suppposed to revive the nyc electronic music scene, and what do we behold: a line with hundreds of people, crazy bouncers, and tons of cops trying to start shit with everyone. But this is all besides the point. There were two critical issues that caused us to realize that the minimoo promoters are borderline retarded. First of all, the bouncers and cops were preventing anyone from entering the venue even though there was a line of hundreds formed around the venue. So the crowd, which included people from Europe, Canada, Mexico, and other far flung places besides NYC were completely FUCKED when they got to the venue and they weren't letting anyone in. Adding to the confusion about the situation was that there were no straight answers about the capacity of the venue. The police said that the promoters couldn't produce the required documents showing the capacity of the venue. The bouncers said that there was tons of room left and the place could hold up to 5,000 people. And the people leaving the place were saying that at best, there was only a couple hundred people inside the venue and lots more room. Despite the frustrating lack of information on what was going on inside of the venue, the police were forcing people to leave en masse. Nobody knew what to do and people who spent $40-200 on tickets that were going to waste were confused, annoyed, and disappointed. Second of all, as we were waiting in the never ending line, we asked people how they felt about the venue as they were leaving. By and large, the opinion was that the crowd actually inside was way too small, the sound system was horrible, and the music wasn't that good. If you go through all of the trouble to create your first huge event, and then you fail on so many levels, you are bound to get a bad reputation. Now, they have no credibility to capitalize on when they plan future events and they disappointed hundreds of would be partiers because they totally fucked everything up. So minimoo, i am sorry to say, but maybe you shouldn't have been worrying about RFID chips so much and actually plan on selling the correct amount of tickets, you will be able to have a good show again, but until then this is a massive FAIL. I encourage all readers to contact whoever sold them their ticket to get their money back b/c it is unacceptable that they don't let people into the venue and they still sold the tickets at exorbitant prices.